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About  Donna YUEN      

Donna Yuen, graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Visual Arts at
Hong Kong Baptist University in 2012 and obtained a MVA in Art
Administration in 2016. She focuses on participating in the work of
curation and exhibition management and considers an exhibition
as an art piece; Donna is an artist and also an independent curator,
she uses different narrative methods to organize the multiple
relationships between people, objects and spaces from the interpreter's
angle. In recent years, she has developed industrial materials
such as metal, cement and fiberglass as her creative medium.

Yuen currently engaged in design and culture education and has
been involved in projects on curatorial and exhibition management.
She is now an independent curator, artist, illustrator, children's book
author and also founder Art tu: Gallery. Her artworks have participated
in different local art fairs including Affordable Art Fair, Asia
Contemporary Art Fair and Ink Asia.

袁敏曦2012年畢業於香港浸會大學視覺藝術院,專注油畫及裝置藝術,其後完成視覺藝術碩士學位,主修藝術行政。袁氏參與策展及展覽管理工作,藝術家身兼獨立策展人,以演繹者的角色,運用不同敘述方式整理人、物與空間的多重關係。近年以金屬、水泥和玻璃纖維等工業物料作創作媒介,立體雕塑作品曾參與多個本地藝術博覽會包括 Affordable Art Fair,Asia Contemporary Art Fair 及 Ink Asia 等。


袁氏現於大專任教設計與文化科目,熱衷於插畫及兒童繪本。近年參與策展及展覽管理工作,探討獨立空間發展,並於2017成立由藝術家經營的畫廊「Art tu: Gallery」,於各個藝術博覽會中展示本地藝術作品。


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