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暫時 - 陳寶鋒金工藝術展
PAUSE - Chan Po Fung’s Metalsmith Solo Exhibition

There would be nothing left after centuries, every existence in this universe is just temporary.

日期: 21/10 - 1/11 (逢星期二休息)
時間: 12:00 - 19:00
地點: 合舍 - 深水埗大南街186號地下
Date: 21/10 - 1/11 (Closed on Tuesdays)Time: 12:00 - 19:00Venue: Form Society - 186 Tai Nam Street, Sham Shui Po

Playback Concept




【暫時 - 陳寶鋒金工藝術展】記錄過去,於現在呈現暫時的樣貌,再以作品寄予未來。展覽除探討「工藝」的可能性,亦嘗試以互動的方式讓觀眾參與當下,更設有《風起了》隨身風動聲音玩具工作坊,參加者可親身製作聲音裝置,形成大自然、城市與自身之間獨一無二的樂章。

Growth —— Whether it is human, nature or cities, in the journey of evolution, despite how rapid the changes are, it will always leave traces. However, no matter how hard you tried, how unforgettable the process was, in this timeline, you are only a tiny particle, no matter how great you are. After centuries, your moment would slowly fade away as time goes by.


To: the ones living in the moment.

Artist Chan Po Fung used 3 metal works/exhibits to link the exhibition, using craftsmanship to document sound; while sound document the city; on the other hand, using urban development to further explore the heritage of craftsmanship, express the diversity of craftsmanship, documenting/capturing the moment and responds the possibility of ‘craftsmanship’ and ‘craftsmanship as a media of art’ through the exhibits.

“Sound of Waves” as a series of 8 pure tin plates, records the vibration of sound triggered a series of ripples just like dead leaves fallen on water. “The Wind Rises” turns wind that is everywhere and nowhere into patterned and sound, documenting different corners of the city. “Coastline” bracelet was inspired by coastline changes from the past 2 centuries, like as a sign of blessing to the wedding couple.


“PAUSE - Chan Po Fung’s Metalsmith Solo Exhibition” records the past with the presentation at a paused moment, extending to the future with the context of the artworks. The exhibition explores the feasibility of “craftsmanship”, meanwhile offering an interactive way for the audience to take part in it. “The Wind Rises” workshop also creates a wearable installation toy driven by winds. Participants can handcraft their own pieces to create a unique verse between humans, nature and the city.



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