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Just Deal With It series



繁忙過後,有時停頓,看似慵懶,其實我腦海很忙。身體的小動作反映了腦袋沒有停止運作。腦袋雖然闖不進,小動作卻看得穿。Just Deal With It 系列以百無聊賴的肢體動作反映時代,嘗試窺探人們的思想變化,與觀眾享受一刻靜止又起伏的狀態。

In 2020, a pandemic crippled the entire world. Isolation, remote work, and online learning created a sense of distance between people, suddenly halting the once bustling and busy lifestyle.

After the frenzy, there are moments of pause that may seem idle, but the mind remains active. The small bodily movements reflect the continuous operation of the brain, which cannot be easily penetrated but can be observed through these physical gestures.

The "Just Deal With It" series uses these listless bodily actions to reflect the zeitgeist, attempting to glimpse the changes in people's thoughts and inviting the audience to share a moment of stillness and flux.

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