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Art Project / Exhibition

20 Feb - 5 Mar, 2016 | ACO 
Curating and Participating Artist

It’s 2016. In a day and age where social media prevails, who would still read printed books?
Four groups of Master of Visual Arts students from Hong Kong Baptist University explored the reading culture in Hong Kong. The ensuing artistic researches, art projects and artworks discusses the pleasure of reading, value, and missed opportunity of printed book reading.

Nullah No la Art Day Out 

14 Nov, 2015 | Nullah Road, Prince Edward
Curatorial team

The art day out invites the public, both young and old, to help us use the Nullah Road Sitting-out Area as an alternative art space together with our six featured artists. Our main goal is to effectively use art as a means of transforming an ordinary public venue into a place that promotes harmony and sociability, despite the changing times. Six Participating local artists:Brandon Chan, Flying Pig (Pat Wong), Jarvis Luk, Swing Lam, Terry Ng, and Wong Chun Hoi

Un/Cover 現
13 - 22 Nov, 2015 | 
Koo Ming Kown Exhibition Gallery
Curatorial team

"Un/Cover" - is not a finite stage,
but a process that is perpetual and evolving.
《現》的精萃 ──並非一個有限的階段,
18 Jun - 15 Jul, 2012 | 
Academy of Visual Arts,
Hong Kong Baptist University, Kai Tak Campus
Participating Artist

SPLASH is audacious, dynamic, and multiplex. We, the AVA graduates, are the dashing masses of creativity who splash new energy into the local art scene. “SPLASH : AVA Graduation Exhibition 2012” will showcase 85 emerging artists who are enthusiastic, playful, daring, and open-minded in a variety of manners.

「SPLASH」是無懼、活力無限與多元的代名詞, 我們一眾視覺藝術院的畢業生躍躍欲試, 積極向本地藝壇注入新力量。「SPLASH: 視覺藝術院畢業展2 0 1 2 」以八十五位新晉藝術家的作品展現熱情、大膽、投入和創新。
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