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時間的形態 - 周文慶個人展覽
Form of Time - Justin Chow’s Solo Exhibition

藝術品實在地被置於展覽,卻隨時間慢慢改變或消失。是物料的特性造就轉眼即逝的藝術品?還是純粹地描述時間一分一秒的過去?「時間的形態」以泡沫貫穿展覽,展出一直存在但往往被淡化的因素 ——「時間」,將每刻的當下呈現,用時間塑造藝術品,以藝術品記錄時間。


Artwork is virtually placed at an exhibition and slightly changed or disappeared with time. Time is taken to shape an artwork and an artwork records a period. “Form of Time” aims to use the foam that vanish in the twinkle of an eye as the theme throughout the whole exhibition in order to present every single fleeting moment to the viewers.





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