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"Nothing is a sign unless it is interpreted as a sign", declares Charles Saunders Perice (1839-1914). Symbols ,including punctuations, characters and images, construct meanings.

The choice and meaning of commas lie on the position placed and the context within. A comma "," placed in between two sentences indicates a seperation and pause which is commonly applied and adopted by various cultures.
It has been 22 months since the beginning of the 2014 academic year. Now, we are in between ","; beyond a ","; and also before the next ",".
"," is at the same time, a farewell to one phrase but also a welcome to the next phrase. This graduation show is an effort-collections of 32 students from the Master of -Visual Arts Programme.
Coming from various backgrounds, we gather; we look back; we share; and we set off.

Graduation is never, and never should be seen as, a destination. Indeed, it is a stage followed by all sorts of possibilities and uncertainties ahead.

In the process of art learning, we learn from previous; we grow and cultivate from experiences.
These experiences are integrated into art creation, giving hope (expectation) and persiste-nce to our artwork; bridging oneself to others and to the World, connecting before and after.

What is a ","? It just depends on how you perceive it.

“Nothing is a sign unless it is interpreted as a sign”, declares Charles Saunders Perice(1893-1914).
(譯「被詮釋作為符號之前, 沒有任何東西足以成為一個符號。」桑德斯。皮爾斯) 

標點符號「,」 「,」「ʼ」「”」寫法大致相同,其指涉及意義取決於書寫的位置,以及前文後理。
置於句與句之間,「,」 一般理解作為「逗號」,意味短暫停頓,是目前最常用的標點符號之一

「,」 之後,永遠還有之後

本學年自2014年9月開展,來到今天2016年7月,我們在「,」 之中,也在「,」 之後,亦在下一個「,」 之前。此時此刻此屬於香港浸會大學視覺藝術碩士(2014-16)畢業生的展覽「,」 ,象徵告別一個階段,預言故事的推進。來自不同文化和背景的我們在此駐留聚首,稍息、回顧、分享、再出發。 

「,」 是甚麼?你的「,」 和我的「,」 不盡、亦不必相同。我們如何看/說一個甚麼,

Artist Curator:
Whose Responsibility Again


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