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“Whose Responsibility” is a site-specific art exhibition to let curatorial teams, artists and audiences experience an exhibition about exhibiting. Artist DonnaYuen utilizes the white walls of galleries in the venues that are managed by the public sector. This action is intended to bring the existing white-cube’s structure and power into an experimental space. Independent art spaces are prevalent in Hong Kong. The operating mode and scale have somehow changed. A small-scale exhibition involves specific roles for its operation but the people required can be just a few. A blurred area may occur between the overlapping identities and roles. How can the impact of each role affect the exhibition? 


Four artists with different professional backgrounds have been invited to this experimental art exhibition. They are site-contractor Denfil Chong, artist Justin Chow, curator Jeff Leung and project director Red Chan. Using/ Applying the same concepts and materials provided in the venue, the four different parties execute their artwork based on their different professions during the same period of time. This experimental art exhibition aims to explore the possibilities of the development of contemporary art in Hong Kong by experiencing the independent yet interlocking power from different parties; the clear and also fuzzy areas created from different roles in an art exhibition.


Fringe Club has become a vibrant contemporary arts space where artists create and show their work, and for those who enjoy the arts to gather and see shows. Facilities for exhibitions and performances here are offered rent-free to both emerging and professional artists in Hong Kong and from overseas. “Fringe” means outer edge or peripheral; “穗” is a Chinese word which means the bristle like growth from the kernel of a cereal plant. Fringe Club is committed to help artists get started and continue to develop in their profession. It aims to create an experimental, innovative and unusual art space.





藝穗會(Fringe Club)是一個當代的藝術空間,為香港或海外藝術家提供免租金的展覽及表演場地同時也為藝術愛好者提供一處共聚和欣賞節目的地方。「Fringe」意指邊緣;「穗」代表著穀類植物初生,藝穗會以致力幫助藝術家起步為宗旨,建立起一個實驗性、創新、另類的藝術空間。

Whose Responsibility

Red Chan
Denfil Chong
Justin Chow
Jeff Leung
Donna Yuen

conceptual art 
experimental exhibition
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